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David McMaster Trio Aqua Jazz EP

Songs Sample
1.Let’s Fall In Love 4.21
2.Just The Way You Are 3.45
3.For Once In My Life 3.55
4.When Sunny Get’s Blue 5.11
5.Yeah Yeah 3.51
6.Watermelon Man (Instrumental) 4.51
7.Wait for the Sun to Rise 6.39

Available by mp3 download - $10

David McMaster Vocals and Keyboards
Craig Walters Saxophone
Brenton White Guitar

Recorded at Innerhouse Studios 2014 Kogarah Bay NSW



The Undiscovered CD was written by myself and Ray Freeman, who hails from the UK - we met at a mutual friend’s recording studio in Australia and we have since started a successful songwriting partnership. This new album is a culmination of our creative talents - every song tells a story, combined with strong melodic lines and good feels. These well crafted songs deliver a feast for the senses. It has good melodies, good feels, and is a dancey, quirky, funky pop mix.You can listen to the tracks here on CD Baby at http://cdbaby.com/cd/innercore

Lyrics to our songs can also be requested by emailing me.




















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